Ben is on the Freedom Feens Live tonight

From Michael W. Dean:
Neema Vedadi can’t get work-release privileges from the Fema Camp
again, so Ben Stone from the Bad Quaker podcast fills in as Michael
Dean’s co-host today.
Starts at 5 PM East Coast Time. Freedom Feens Live! Call in to our
Live show. Studio number: (307) 215-5171. Or via Skype to user name kittyfeet1
Listen here:
You can chat live during the show to the Feens at The Feens Chat

Also, if you need more Bad Quaker, here’s a link to Ben’s appearance on the Anarchy Gumbo Podcast – LINK

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3 Responses to Ben is on the Freedom Feens Live tonight

  1. Mark says:

    It was good to hear from you, Ben. That was a great cast. You and Michael should cast together more often.

  2. I had a blast! It was a damn good show. Thanks, Ben!


  3. Michigan Escapee says:

    Haven’t heard it yet. Does Michael make all sorts of angry ranty noises about you recording in a hallway ? 😉

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