0387 pc322 Beyond Civil Disobedience Part 2

0387 pc322 Beyond Civil Disobedience Part 2

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone


Part 2 in a series on taking effective action with a defined purpose, while rejecting civil disobedience and embracing the Zero Aggression Principle.


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4 Responses to 0387 pc322 Beyond Civil Disobedience Part 2

  1. Wayd says:

    You have my undivided attention.

  2. la policía es muy gordo says:

    Isn’t agora a form of civil disobedience? Agorists act civilly, disobey state edicts, but they don’t care if the laws are changed, they continue disobeying civilly.

    • Bad Quaker says:

      That’s why agorism isn’t civil disobedience. It’s not done for the purpose of changing government. It’s like the black market or smuggling or prostitution or tax evasion.

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