Frequently Asked Questions

The staff here at Bad Quaker Dot Com had a meeting to determine what should be addressed in the FAQ section.
Unfortunately Ben was at that meeting.
Ben began joking around and mocking the FAQ of various web sites. He was quoting old Cracked Magazine jokes about snappy answers and stupid questions.
As a result, we have Bad Quaker Answers to Stupid Questions.
We at Bad Quaker Dot Com apologize for this page.

Bad Quaker Answers to Stupid Questions

Q) What does this site have to do with cookies and oats?
A) Your mother is a fat pig! Go away.

Q) How can Quakers have a web site? Don’t you reject modern inventions?
A) Your mother is a fat Amish pig who wears the head scarf of a Mennonite! Go away.

Q) Do you live on a farm?
A) Your mother lives on a farm and eats from a trough and your father smells of elderberries. Go away!

Q) Ben Stone seems like a common name. It was used in several movies and TV shows. Is Ben Stone a real person?
A) Your mother is a fat pig named Ben Stone and stared in several movies. Go Away!

So, at this point, perhaps it would be better if you just log in and ask a question for yourself.
We at Bad Quaker Dot Com will try to have someone other than Ben answer your question, but no guarantees.

For now, we do have one real question:
Q) I don’t see any links to references or supporting documentation of statements made in the articles. Will you be adding links later on?
A) We will not likely be adding links. Bad Quaker Dot Com is meant to stimulate the mind and encourage thought and discovery. It’s not a scholarly resource such as The Ludwig von Mises Institute or The Mercatus Center.

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